(English) WWW2012 and Phatic Posts: Even the Small Talk Can Be Big

Ovaj članak je dostupan samo na engleskom jeziku.

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  1. [...] [note: check updates on the #WWW12 conference and paper presentation] [...]

  2. [...] of the social network systems. I wrote earlier about here, here (The Scientific American), and here. Other interesting papers on microposts, sentiment analysis and semantics, information extraction, [...]

  3. [...] was a program committee member for a Making Sense of Microposts (#MSM12) workshop. I also presented a research paper on “phatic communication” and why tweets and Facebook updates on [...]

  4. [...] was a program committee member for a Making Sense of Microposts (#MSM12) workshop. I also presented a research paper on “phatic communication” and why tweets and Facebook updates on [...]

  5. [...] necessarily insidious about phatic communication. Communications Studies scholar Danica Radovanovic argues that it plays many important and non-trivial functions. On this note, I should point out that in vaguely using the concept of phatic communication I am in [...]

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