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— Danica @ 11:23 am, October 8, 2006

Your comments, thoughts and inquiries are welcome. If you want to send the feedback, constructive thoughts, links, information related to my field of research and professional work, you can contact me via email (danica at danicar dot org). Feel free to drop a line.

If you are interested in collaboration or need consultations related to:

  • Social Media/Web
  • Online communications and community management
  • Information and Knowledge management
  • Project management
  • R&D
  • Internet  projects,  development of policies, and strategies
  • Digital Divide, Digital and networked literacy/ E-learning and Higher Education programs
  • Training (individual and corporate)
  • Conference and other related talks, sessions, workshops
  • Media, editorials, writing and publishing gigs

please contact me at


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